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Delicate Hands



60-minute treatment £40



Pearly Sheen

Give your hands a decadent treat with nail cleansing, trimming and shaping, followed by an oatmeal , olive oil conditioning scrub, massage. Your hands will feel smooth and polished

Tender Feet



60-minute treatment   £45



Stepping Out In Style

Your nails are cleaned, trimmed and shaped to prepare your feet for an exfoliation, followed by an effective conditioning scrub to soften those neglected soles. A foot massage completes this relaxing treat, leaving your feet looking and feeling delicately beautiful.


Shape & Hand Revarnish



30-minute treatment £15

Relax and cleanse the hands with a warm towel followed by shaping and nail colouring.

Shape & feet Revarnish
30-minute treatment £15

Start with a skin softening foot soak in warm water followed by shaping and nail colouring.

Paraffin Treatment


£15 - Hands

£15 - Feet

Paraffin wax helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles.  This can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis and helps repair sprains, pulled muscles, and tendonitis.


Paraffin wax also softens the skin, it is highly reccommended for dry skin.

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